Your client will love body sugaring over waxing because... 

It’s virtually pain free for regular waxers

  • The sugar paste attaches only to the hair and not the skin. 
  • It’s less painful than waxing for clients who convert to hair removal from shaving. 
  • It removes the hair in its natural direction of growth. 
  • It decongests hair follicles so the pain reduces with every treatment as the hair roots become weak and challenged. 

Goodbye to ingrown hairs

  • Ingrown hairs are virtually eliminated. 
  • Less hair breakage than waxing! 

It’s faster and clients can get ‘Sugared’ again sooner

  • The ‘Smoother’ ™ technique means that body sugaring takes half the time of waxing, depending on the body area. 
  • Hair as short as 1.5mm can be removed. 

It’s a natural and a safer option

  • Safe on varicose veins and spider veins. 
  • Safe on itchy, psoriasis or eczema-prone skin. 
  • Suitable for all skin types, hair types and skin conditions. 
  • Enjoy the benefits of a product so natural you could eat it. 

It’s an experience they will look forward to

  • Sugaring is a treatment experience your clients will actually look forward to. The service can be positioned as a premium salon and spa experience your clients can enjoy for a fraction of the price of traditional spa services. 

Your business will love body sugaring over waxing because...

Make more profit

  • Clients will pay more for painless hair removal. Sugaring will command a higher price than waxing (20% average). 
  • Increased bookings because sugaring can remove hair from 1.5mm allowing your clients to rebook more often. 
  • Gain new clients. Clients who currently shave are more likely to covert to sugaring than waxing because they can be hair free and avoid pain. 
  • Treat more clients. Body sugaring is faster than the traditional hand method. 
  • Increase your retail sales. Traditionally, therapists struggle with recommending home care to waxing clients but not so with sugaring clients. 
  • We provide marketing to help you convert your waxing and shaving clients over to sugaring. 

Save more money

  • There is no need for disposable spatulas or strips (what did you spend on these consumable last year?) 
  • Use less product - just one piece of sugar paste does one entire body part. 
  • Less cleaning, therefore less staff labour costs; save over $10,000 per year*. 

Your staff will love working with it and so will their hands

  • Our Smoother Technique utilises a reusable, patented spatula rather than the hands, which makes it quicker than waxing and staff are less prone to RSI. 
  • The sugar paste has been engineered to set like hot wax but with all the benefits of sugaring. 
  • Body Sugaring Australia offers 3 different types of paste, ensuring we’ve got every area covered – from eyebrows to Brazilians. 
    *Based on 1 staff member ($20 per hour) spending 2 hours per day cleaning wax from 2 treatment rooms (1 hour per room per day). 


Q: How fast will my staff be able to pick it up?
A: This all depends on the therapist. If they are someone that picks up new skill sets easily they will most likely be the same with this, if they usually take a bit of time and practice they will most likely be that way when learning our methodology also.  The beginner course will have them being able to perform a billable technique on 80% of body parts by the end of the day but like all new skills learned, only after they’ve been using their new skill set for a period of time, will they be the best they can be.
Q: Is there any retail product associated with the system?
A: Yes!
Our SMOOTHER aftercare systems include:
1 x cute toiletries bag with instructions on how to use the kit printed on the back
1 x 125ml Pore Relaxant
1 x 250ML Soothe and Protect Body Balm
1 x 150ml Jojoba and Vanilla Bean Body Polish
1 x silk woven, dual texture, one size fits all exfoliating mitt

We also have a 50ml SMOOTHER Ingrown Hair Treatment Cream this is an excellent all natural cream that is effective at treating ingrown hairs, especially when those that suffer from them first swap over from waxing. This is bought by you for 22 and has an RRP to your clients of 44 and has a 100% mark up.
Q: What Training do you offer?
Our training is included in our salon start up costs and includes an online portion followed by a full day face to face practical training. Classes are limited to one trainer to 6 therapists so that you can experience optimal tuition and enough one on one time to ensure that your technique is correct . Prior to the full day, we will have you watch multiple videos and read the theory so that we can get most out of the practical day.
Following this, your homework will begin. We recommend most therapists will need an average of 10 hours of practice before they are ready to start on clients. Some therapists will pick it up faster than others, depending on how they learn and what experience they bring with them. Like learning any new skill, practice makes perfect, and you do need to expect to need to do a fair amount of practice before you become an expert and can handle all situations.