Like so many successful brands, Body Sugaring Australia (BSA) was originally developed as a result of a strong need in the marketplace for a natural, less painful, safer method of hair removal. Having a viable alternative to IPL, wax and razors that also left clients feeling great about their smooth skin, was a well overdue.

Although Sugaring is thousands of years old, BSA created its’ patent pending Smoother® treatment method and Smoother® Applicators, and is responsible for the first true innovation in the hair removal industry in decades.

This breakthrough, virtually painless professional hair removal system is the world’s first and only professional system to be completely free of parabens, silicates, aluminiums, DHEA, SLS, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, artificial colours, not tested on animals and 100% vegan and Australian owned and made!

Body Sugaring Australia (BSA) is the distributed by Professional Beauty Solutions. We select all of our brands based on a strict criteria that considers both the performance of the products and their integrity. For us integrity encompasses the absence of nasty ingredients, ethical treatment of animals, vegan certification and more. We are so proud to add this range to our stable of world class brands.

Why Body Sugaring Australia?



  • Only professional hair removal system on the market to be COMPLETELY FREE from parabens, silicates, magnesiums, talc, artificial fragrances, artificial colours, petrochemicals, SLS, DHEA, micro-beads, animal testing and 100% VEGAN AND AUSTRALIAN MADE.

  • Australian Owned

  • Australian Made Formulas - 100% Natural

  • This commitment to quality standard exists throughout the Professional Use Only and Retail products.

  • WORLD’S ONLY Talc Free Drying Powder for Professionals and an All - Natural Ingrown Hair Treatment Cream.

  • Ingredients that support the skins heath and maintain the protective barrier function of the skin.

  • Antibacterial properties.

  • BSA Sugar Pastes are more manageable and hold their shape for longer than other sugar products on the market allowing for a perfect consistency every application, every time!


  • Pastes are intuitive making them extremely adaptable and versatile for variances in climate, body temperature and length of hair.

  • If you require a consistency in between two Pastes then go ahead and BLEND!

  • Gives the therapist the leading edge as they become the Master Craftsman of ABS Sugar Paste and clients take notice of this!


  • Eliminates hair breakage, unnecessary discomfort, irritation and ingrown hairs, all the while exfoliating and conditioning the skin.

  • Cares for the physiology of the therapist performing the treatments by eliminating Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) often associated with other body sugaring methodologies.


  • Reduces chance of developing RSI

  • Re-usable therefore reducing cost of wooden spatulas

  • Less invasive for the client in sensitive areas

  • Easier to learn than sugaring with the hand method


Benefits Of Body Sugaring Australia’s
Unique Sugar Pastes


  • ECO FRIENDLY – its natural formula is gentle on the environment

  • WATER SOLUBLE – remove any mistakes simply with damp cloth or Fibrella

  • BODY SUGARING FOR EVERYONE! - from men with stubborn ingrown hairs to sensitive skin conditions as well as people with low pain thresholds.

  • SAFE to use on varicose and spider veins, itchy, psoriasis or eczema-prone skin

  • DOES NOT DAMAGE live skin cells while waxing can remove live skin cells thus causing skin tearing, trauma, dehydration and damage to the barrier function of the skin.


  • Preservatives

  • Artificial Colours

  • Resins

  • Artificial Fragrances

  • Parabens

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphates

  • Silicates

  • Aluminium

  • DHEA

  • Micro-Beads

  • Talc

  • Petrochemicals


Why therapists and their hands love working with Body Sugaring Australia sugar pastes

  • Smoother® Technique utilises an ergonomic (patent pending) applicator that can be cleaned and reused without compromising the hygiene of the treatment.

  • Smoother® Technique applicator makes the treatment faster than waxing and staff are less prone to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).

  • BSA Sugar Pastes are more manageable and hold their shape for longer than other Sugar products on the market allowing for the perfect consistency for a therapist to work with every time.

  • Body Sugaring Australia offers 3 different types of Sugar Paste, in consideration of each body area, climate and temperature. The therapist truly owns the treatment as they are able to intuitively work with all the Sugar Pastes ensuring the most thorough and painless treatment possible.

  • Therapists love learning new techniques and gaining a certificated skill and the confidence that comes with it.

  • No more exposure to toxic, strong smelling wax removers or wax burns from hot wax pots

  • Greater potential to achieve rebooking targets because BSA Sugaring treatments can be performed as soon as 4 weeks rather 6 weeks (for waxing). After the 3rd treatment client s are hooked so rebooking’s become easier!

  • Retail targets and commissions can be easily achieved as the Body Sugaring Aftercare System goes hand in hands with BSA treatments and ensures each session is fast, effective, painless due to the supreme skin conditioning benefits delivered by the BSA Aftercare System.


Q: What’s the difference between sugaring and waxing?
A: This is a great question. I could spend hours on this alone but the main differences are:
Most waxes are synthetic, whereas sugar paste is all natural. So natural its edible.
Sugar paste is water soluble and easily cleans up with warm water. If you make a mistake with sugar, simply wipe off and start again. If you make a mistake with wax, you better not want any hair in that area!!
With the sugar paste, it only removes the dead skin cells. No live skin cells are harmed meaning there is much less pain and little if any irritation. It also means people who have more delicate sensitive skin might not be able to wax, but can sugar.
The sugar paste is applied differently from the wax  - it Is applied against the hair growth to push the paste into the follicles, the body heat then reacts with the paste melting it further into the follicles, the paste then wraps around the root systems and then the hair is removed IN the direction of growth. This also means that it Can remove hairs as short as 1.5mm
Q: Why is sugaring so much less painful than waxing?
A: Great question.  It is less painful for many reasons but the main ones are:

  1. Unlike waxing – it Doesn’t attach to live skin cells and therefore no sheets of live cells are ripped off in the removal.

  2. The hairs are removed from the base of the roots not from their ends making any discomfort extremely short lived.

  3. Hairs are removed much shorter meaning there is less length in the hair to give any pull factor as the root systems are extracted