Why Sugaring Won’t ever be Replaced by IPL

With IPL and laser hair removal rapidly growing in popularity, could sugaring one day become an outdated practice? We give 5 reasons why sugaring is here to stay.

1. Sugar removes all hair types, laser doesn’t. While sugar will remove all forms of hair, including red hair, which is the most tough hair type to tackle, laser cannot treat blonde, grey or red hair.

2. Not all skin types are suitable for laser. Laser works best on pale skin with dark hair. The technology is improving but treating dark skin and Asian still has its risks. The main risk of laser resurfacing Asian skin is the risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and eventual hypopigmentation. Using a quality sugar (such as Body Sugaring Australia) will enable you to sugar all skin types including Asian skin.

3. There are parts of the body that laser can’t touch. There are some areas of the body, such as the eyebrows, which are not suitable for laser so sugaring will always need to be enlisted for these treatments.

4. Some clients prefer sugaring or waxing. If you have a client who has always waxed or sugared her legs and bikini line, there is a high chance that she will want to continue with this form of hair removal. Some people just prefer waxing or sugaring and are happy to stick with what they know.

5. Pregnant women shouldn’t use laser. Laser isn’t recommended for pregnant women because their hormone levels change and hyperpigmentation can become an issue. Also, the effects of laser on pregnant women hasn’t been tested so most practitioners would warn against the hair removal treatment for pregnant and breast-feeding women. Sugaring offers a safe hair removal option for pregnant women.