How to get your Clients Sugaring through Winter

Are you finding that your sugaring appointments are dropping off now that winter is here? During the colder months, the last thing on your clients’ mind is baring their legs, let alone removing the hair off them.

Despite this, there are tried and tested techniques you can implement during winter to keep your schedule fully booked. Here are our tips to convince clients to visit in winter.

Credit: Langdon Center

Credit: Langdon Center

Offer incentives: People love getting something for nothing so encouraging brand loyalty with incentives or freebies will work wonders. During winter when hair growth slows, why not offer your clients a winter waxing reward card or offer a package deal to receive a percentage off their service.
Alternatively, encourage your clients to rebook by offering them a reward if they do, such as a 10% rebooking discount if they keep their appointment.

All-year, regular treatments are important: Although legs might not be on show during the cooler months, there are plenty of reasons to keep the appointment going through winter. Tight jeans and leggings cause friction against the hair shaft, resulting in uneven hair growth and ingrown hair. Regular sugaring (even if it goes from four week to six weeks) will ensure more anagen hairs are being removed. If clients keep this up over winter they’ll see smoother results in summer.

Skin gets less sensitive to cold with regular sugaring: Going in and out of heating and rugging up constantly can pay a toll on skin and hair growth during winter. A combination of indoor heating, cold winds and less moisture in the air will cause skin to dry out, feel tight and become more sensitive particularly in areas such as the face. Regular sugaring will help maintain the skin barrier function.

Tell them it’s warm inside: Winter-fy your salon by creating a warm, cosy and inviting environment. The use of electrical blankets on all treatment beds in winter, not just for facials and massage, but for sugaring as well will go a long way too! Add in a hot chocolate on arrival and your clients won’t want to leave.

Package up your sugaring treatments: Offering combination treatments can really up your sugar appointments during the chilly months. For example, book a facial treatment and receive a percentage off your sugaring treatment.

Upselling can also work wonders. Get your clients in for facials, massages, manicures – you name it – and tell them about the benefits of waxing in winter and that summer prep is essential.

Don’t forget! Make sure you’re always at the ready! Your sugar pot needs to be topped up and ready to use so that if you do upsell that wax there’s no waiting time.