Mini Smoother Applicator (Professional only)

Mini Smoother Applicator (Professional only)


The Mini Smoother® Applicator is designed for the eyebrows, lip, face and neckline. 


  • Enables precision and accuracy when shaping eyebrows - Designed to push the hairs you wish to remove into the sugar paste and only pull out the hairs you wish to retain. 
  • Used as a separating tool / comb - for the design phase of shaping areas such as the eyebrow, male neck line, Brazilian etc. 
  • Cylindrical shape of the length of the applicator ideal for application of BSA Sugar Pastes to larger areas of face such as side-burns and chin areas. 


  • In addition to the shared features as listed above, Mini Smoother® Applicator includes 
  • Rounded end smoothing tool 
  • Flat end shaping tool 
  • Cylindrical length applicator 
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