Can Sugar Keep you Smoother for Longer?

Sugaring has become a buzzword in the beauty industry of late, with promise of a cleaner, less painful hair removal service for your clients. But does it really live up to the hype?

Body sugaring was first used by the ancient Egyptians to remove unwanted body hair. For centuries, Middle Eastern cultures have also used sugar paste, but now, with sugaring becoming big business in Australia, you might be asking whether it can really deliver what modern salons need?

With year-round demand for smooth skin, hair removal is a staple to any beauty business. As clients desire quicker results with less pain and greater levels of hygiene, hair removal methods are fast becoming more sophisticated and more choices are seemingly available. Considering the standard questions salons should ask before investing in a range, we give you the bare facts on sugaring and why you should make the switch.

What is Sugar?
The “sugar” used in body sugaring is a natural paste made from sugar, lemon and water and uses an ancient technique that allows for hair to be extracted in the direction of the hair. The sugar paste does not adhere to the skin, leaving live skin cells intact. This causes far less pain and little, if any, redness or irritation, making it your perfect hair removal solution, especially for Brazilians. As sugaring removes the full root system, hair grows back finer and weaker, making regrowth between treatments less obvious. It also leaves skin exfoliated and silky smooth, picking up dead skin cells as it goes, meaning sugaring is also the perfect option for clients who struggle with ingrown hairs and sensitive skin.

“To be honest, we were very sceptical about how sugaring would live up to its claims.” says Lisa Williams, Managing Director of Professional Beauty Solutions.

“But when one of our staff offered to trial the paste on herself and informed us that it was “80% less painful than waxing” she had us convinced it was something we needed to offer to our PBS salons.”

Once sugared, never again waxed.

Why should you pick sugaring over waxing?
You couldn’t be blamed for thinking sugaring and waxing were similar; they are both hair removal techniques with similar methods, but the comparisons stop there. Here are just 10 reasons why sugar is better for smooth skin:

  • MORE NATURAL - the pastes are made from sugar, lemon and water – making it biodegradable and better for the environment, a claim every salon wants to be able to make.
  • LESS EXPENSIVE - with minimal use of consumables – you only need gloves, reusable spatulas (which can be sterilised) and a small amount of sugar.
  • FASTER - a regular Brazilian (maintenance) can be completed in under 15 minutes with sugar.
  • WATER SOLUBLE - meaning so much less cleaning during and after the treatment. It also allows you to easily and painlessly wipe any blunders away.
  • GENTLER for your client (80% less painful than waxing) – provides a perfectly smooth surface without the same pain as waxing.
  • LESS HAIR BREAKAGE - meaning longer lasting hair removal. Two weeks completely hair free.
  • LESS IRRITATING - meaning clients walk away comfortable.
  • NOT HOT on the skin – meaning no risk of burning the skin.
  • REDUCED INGROWN HAIRS - hair is removed with the natural direction of growth and grows back finer.